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Homemade Bread


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The Bagel Shop

Plain Bagels: Wheat. Barley

Poppy Seed Bagels: Wheat. Barley. Egg.

Everything Bagels: Wheat. Barley. Sesame. 

Sesame Bagels: Wheat. Sesame. Barley. Egg

Cheese & Jalapeño Bagels: Wheat. Cheese. Egg. Barley. 

New Yorker

Mustard. Milk. 

Swiss Mountain

Egg. Mustard. Milk

Bagel Shop BLT

Egg. Mustard. Milk

The Brie-B-C


The Margherita

Sulphites. Celery. Barley. Milk

BBQ Hunters Feast

Sulphites. Milk

Smoked Salmon

Fish. Milk.

Smashed Avo + Halloumi


Mexican Chipotle


Cali Style CBA


Spiced Up Bockwurst

Milk. Wheat. Sulphites. 

The Fun Guy

Milk. Wheat. Sulphites. 

Feta is Better

Milk. Wheat. Sulphites. 


Devon Steak

Milk. Soya. Wheat.

Three Cheese

Milk. Soya. Wheat. 

Sausage Roll

Milk. Soya. Wheat. 

The Arches


Egg Mayo

Milk. Egg. Mustard. Soya. Wheat

Chipotle Chicken + Chorizo

Egg. Soya. Wheat. 

Chicken + Bacon

Egg. Soya. Wheat. 


Egg. Mustard. Soya. Wheat

BBQ Pulled Pork

Sulphites. Soya. Wheat. 

Prawn Marie Rose

Egg. Crustaceans. Soya. Wheat

Cheese + Spring Onion

Egg. Soya. Milk. Wheat.

Coronation Chicken

Milk. Egg. Mustard. Soya. Wheat. 

Tuna Mayo

Milk. Egg. Mustard. Fish. Soya. Wheat.

Cheese Salad

Milk. Wheat. 

Brekkie Rolls


Wheat. Sulphites. Milk.


Wheat. Milk. 

Sourdoughs/ Paninis


Milk. Soya. Wheat.

Tomato and Mozzarella

Milk. Soya. Wheat. 

Ham + Cheese

Milk. Soya. Wheat. 

Cheese + Tomato

Milk. Soya. Wheat. 


Cheese and Tomato/ Onion

Milk. Wheat. Sulphite. 

Cheese and Ham

Milk. Wheat. Sulphite

Brie and Sweet Chilli Jam

Milk. Soya. Wheat. 

Goats Cheese and Red Onion Relish

Milk. Soya. Wheat. 

Ice Cream

Please view the Ice Cream allergens via Marshfield's website by clicking here

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