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Truly Great Food

When we set out to launch the Bagel Shop during The Great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, we had one thing in mind. To always serve the best bagels, at the best price with the best ingredients and this remains true to this day. Where we could have opted for cheaper ingredients, we wanted to first ensure we didn't compromise on taste and, secondly, knew that the best ingredients we could use, were those local to us. 


With an emphasis on organic, local produce - inspired by Devon’s natural ‘larder’, we cater for everyone; whether you’re an avid meat eater, prefer a more vegan based diet, or simply require gluten-free choices - we have it all! We mix our local approach with worldly flavours so that you’re instantly transported off to the foothills of the Swiss Alps, the deserts of Mexico or the sunny shores of the Caribbean.

Find Out About Our Local Suppliers Below

Our Speciality Coffee & Snacks


When it comes to coffee, we know it has to be good. With every other shop on the High Street selling the good stuff, we know our customers have all the choice in the world.


So we opted for the best.


Our signature blend is Sidmouth's Speciality Coffee Roaster, Buzz's, Black Magic Blend - an indulgent, dark and rich blend for that extra tingle on the tastebuds.

With dairy-free alternative milk and tons of syrups, you can customise to your hearts content. 

Feeling warm? Why not switch up to an iced coffee or frappe? 

Order Your Bagels


Modern life is crazy. Good crazy. Bad crazy. Busy crazy. With a million different choices for us all to make, daily, why not shun the stress of lunch and order your bagels ahead. 

Drop us a Facebook message to order!

Plus, with the option to fully customise your bagel as you would in store, you can go into full on chef mode. So what're you waiting for? Your perfect lunch is literally at the end of your keyboard - easy, eh? 

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9am – 4pm

Saturday    9am – 4pm

Sunday    10am – 4pm


*Hours may be subject to change at short notice due to stock availability*

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